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Vaginal Speculum Mold

Vaginal Speculum Mold

Vaginal Speculum is an instrument that is inserted when the vagina or cervix need to be inspected visually.
As a mould maker in Medical market, BHM has rich experience in mould design and making for Vaginal Speculum of different designs:

VS01: Mold for Vaginal Speculum with Middle Screw
VS02: Mold for Vaginal Speculum with Side Screw
VS03: Mold for Vaginal Speculum with Middle Hook
VS04: Mold for Vaginal Speculum with Middle Stick(French Type)
VS05: Mold for Vaginal Speculum Pull-Push Type (American Type)

About Cavity Number:
Normally 4 cavity for each main part(From the pictures you can find it is individually cavity, it will be convenient for customer maintenance in future)
Mold material:
For core/cavity, we use S136ESR or H13, this can ensure the mold precision, high mirror polishing and long mold life.

Effective design for the Vaginal Speculum mold do will help the running cost down in future mass production.
Enough cooling system let the injection part to be perfect, Vaginal Speculum need the perfect appearance.
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