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Insert Molding
Insert molding is one of many specialized plastic injection molding services that BHM offers.

For insert molded parts, BHM offers services from engineering, tooling to custom insert molding.

Insert molding means molding or forming plastic parts around other non-plastic parts or inserts, the inserted part is mostly metal project. Non-metal materials also can be used in insert molding. 

Advantages of Plastic Insert Molding: Lower costs--multiple tasks are being done at once, both labor and assembly time is saved; Greater durability--the plastic resins mold to the insert more securely than other joining methods; Lighter components—plastic resin weighs less than metal connectors which would typically have joined the components 

Insert molding serves industries such as: Electronics, Medical, Military, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Food processing, Commercial, Residential, Cosmetics and Construction. 
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